Top Grammy performances number 1

The 56th Grammy Awards took place last Sunday, Jan. 27. This was a year of mash-ups when the classics met the sounds of today’s music with artists like Madonna mixing with Macklemore, while others like Lorde and Taylor Swift went solo. Of all the 18 performances that graced the stage, five stood out as the most incredible ones of the night. For each of the next five days, one of the best performances from the Grammys will be posted.

1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and Madonna perform “Same Love”

Remarkable is one of the many ways to describe the emotional performance Macklemore, Mary Lambert and Madonna brought to the Grammy stage. The four-time Grammy winner and rapper, Macklemore, was able to take his powerful song to a whole new level when he took a break from his performance to marry 33 inter-racial or same-sex couples right in the middle of the Staples Center.

Macklemore began the performance rapping “Same Love” in front of a church-styled backdrop while Mary Lambert hit all the notes for her solo in the chorus looking stunning in that sparkly red dress.

He had the crowd standing up, clapping and singing along to his number one hit the celebs couldn’t get enough of. Then came Queen Latifah, in all her glory and entirety, to marry these men and women to their significant others. With excitement and power, she completes the vows and a choir appears along with Madonna to finish off the celebration. She sings part of her song “Open Your Heart” while clad in a pristine white suit and then joins the “Same Love” singers for one last verse.

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Madonna, Mary Lambert and Queen Latifah all gathered together in an embrace to show the world that his is what music is all about: honoring, embracing and valuing the differences.

Macklemore is paving the path for equality and love one epic televised hit song performance at a time.

Watch the performance here.