Top Grammy performances number 5

The 56th Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, Jan. 27. This was a year of mash-ups when the classics met the sounds of today’s music with artists like Madonna mixing with Macklemore, and others, like Lorde and Taylor Swift, went solo. Of the 18 performances that graced the stage, five stood out as the most incredible ones of the night. For each of the next five days, one of the best performances from the Grammys will be posted.

5. Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr perform “Queenie Eye”

The Grammys was Beatlemania this year. Besides the incredible performance by half of the band, the Academy has decided to honor them for sharing 50 years of life-changing music. Fortunately, Paul McCartney was able to continue the legacy.

McCartney—who is now 71—was able to show he still had it in him. With a little help from his friend, Ringo Starr, the duo did an unbelievable performance of “Queenie Eye,” a song from McCartney’s latest album “New”.

From behind a rainbow colored piano, McCartney belted his Beatlesque sounding song as if he was still his lively seventeen-year-old self. He hit his high notes and gave nothing but an awe-inspiring performance. His wife, Nancy Shevell, who mouthed every lyric and clapped her hands for the entire song, can attest to this.

Even some Staple-ites found this performance to be amazing. Mrs. Horrigan, one of the librarians, was impressed by the talent the men still have. “It was nice to see old friends singing together,” she said, “especially ones that have known each other for a long time!”

Although it wasn’t the full Beatles package, we were given the gift to see two of the greatest musicians share the stage again. Half is better than none!

Watch the performance here.