Lace up for winter with seasonal footwear


Being cold may be the worst thing about winter. It can seem almost impossible to stay warm and comfortable while also looking presentable. However, with the right shoes for your style and comfort, you will stay warm and snug while also looking fashionable.

Having trouble figuring out the perfect shoes for you? Don’t worry; there are a handful of options to choose from.

“In the winter I practically live in my Ugg boots,” Ruth Kissel ’16 said, adding that she leans towards Uggs because they’re extremely warm and comfortable. This shoe is going to give you the best of both worlds when trying to find a warm and comfortable shoe.

Though Uggs are a nice choice, sometimes they can be suffocatingly hot and make your feet feel like they’re roasting. To avoid this, try wearing something shorter with a little less fur.

“Boat shoes all the way. They’re not too hot, not too cold. They’re comfortable yet stylish,” Jonas Piekara ’16 said.

The biggest benefit of boat shoes is that they’re easy. No socks needed; just slip them on, and you’re ready to go.

“If you’re going to go with boat shoes, I personally recommend Sperrys,” Piekara added.

Another shoe option that’s perfect for winter is boots. Whether you like short boots or tall boots, you can’t go wrong.  “I love combat boots. They go with everything, and they can make any outfit, even sweats, look good,” Camilla Broccolo ’14 said.

However, some people prefer taller boots, especially since there are so many different styles. Whether you like simple neutral colors or want a little more spunk with studded boots, tall boots will become your best friend.

With brand new styles sported daily, you can never look out of style. “I love tall boots because there are so many styles to go with all your different outfits,”   Kellen Smithson ’14 said. Kristin Munley ’16 agreed with Smithson and added, “I love my tall studded boots. I wear them almost every day.”