Duck, duck, ka-boom


If you haven’t heard by now of “Duck Dynasty,” the hit reality show on A&E, you may not be all your quacked up to be.

Sorry… I had too.

There’s no debate as to the true ‘reality’ of this show. It’s not a reality show- just ‘based on a true story.’ But it’s a great story. The family centric half hour is a rousing parable about the true meaning of being sons and daughters of this country. Let me give you five reasons why.

1. American Business.

Americans believe in honest labor, even if they’re already successful, and don’t hold entrepreneurship against our self-made persons. In fact, we actually respect them more than those who inherit wealth. Phil Robertson, (who started over hall-of-famer Terry Bradshaw at quarterback) gave up his football career, identified a market niche, and quickly developed a quality duck call, launched a startup business, and it took off. His son, and current CEO of family business Duck Commander, Willie Robertson widened the market, created a consumer side, and hasn’t looked back.

2. It’s entertaining.

There is nothing boring about beaver dam explosions, duck hunting, or racing lawnmowers. The show is thirty minutes of non stop action- there is never a dull moment. With crazy Uncle Si constantly causing a ruckus, his hilarious endeavors will have you laughing throughout, and that’s just the half of it. CEO Willie, brothers Jep and Jase, team up with the rest of warehouse crew and seem to always cause trouble. The kids John Luke, Sadie, and the others often make appearances too. Not only is the plot a constant rollercoaster, the cinematography is exceptional. Usually stuff like editing and production wouldn’t be on my radar. But with Duck Dynasty, I think it’s the difference between “eh” and exceptional. With the editing of the camera angles alone, they produce almost half the laughs as cameras cut from witty commentary, to action, to a simple look that often will say more than any line ever could.

3. Sticking to Religious Values.

The Robertson family are unapologetic Bible-thumping christians. Multiple members of the family having gone through hardship; whether it be poverty, a severe birth deformity, multiple surgeries, violence, or on occasion substance abuse, and have been saved by the Bible with their faith stopping them from turning down the wrong path, becoming their way of life. The Robertsons gather around the dinner table at the end of each episode to say a family grace, and when A&E came asking to cut the final three minutes or so, the Robertsons told them the show will not go on without it. I respect that.

4. The Robertsons are good ol’ boys.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m sick and tired of seeing ostentatious, lazy, elitists all over the television becoming role models for the future generations. (Ahem, Kardashians, ahem). The Robertsons are the polar opposites; simple, honest, unpretentious, and hard working. Based off their appearances alone, they clearly don’t have a worry in the world about other people’s opinions, and stay true to who they are. They’re so down to earth even known critics have begun to comment. “Their decidedly non-millionaire dress code is a sort of visual cue for the humble, conservative values they embody: The Robertsons are portrayed as a tight-knit, devout family who put loyalty, love, and their church above all else,” said The Daily Beast.

5. Family First.

The classic saying, “The family that prays together, stays together” has never been more evident than with the Robertsons. In what other show on television can you find multiple generations of family enjoying eachothers company day in and day out? Not many. In a society with disintegrating families, and distant fathers, Phil and wife Kay’s marriage has been going strong for 48 years, and they have stayed in the lives of their children and grandchildren. With Willie’s children, John Luke and Sadie (who is absolutely gorgeous), constantly being featured in the show, it is clear that there is nothing more important than a family bond. Family before everything.

Now, I know Phil Roberston has been all over the news recently for some offensive, vulgar comments made in GQ Magazine. A&E quickly suspended the vital piece to the puzzle, before thankfully reinstating him. Now, I don’t necessarily believe what he said was appropriate, by any means, and there is a point in which his comments became unnecessary. However, as an American, should we ridicule, tear down and diminish freedom of speech? The very principle this nation was found upon? Whether politically correct or not- I appreciate a man who is willing to voice his opinion, and stand by it.

So, after season five kicked off on January fifteenth, there is no excuse not to tune in. It’s fixin’ to be the best season yet.

In the words of Phil Robertson… “It’s America, let it rip.”

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