T’was the day before vacay


Twas the day before vacay, when all through the school.

Every student was stirring, expecting the yule.

The pupils stood idle, awaiting the bell,

In hopes that St. Dodig would joyfully knell.


The children were chatting about all of their plans,

Envisioning beaches and working on tans.

And Gramma in her rocker, and Grampa still living,

Sat anxious for grandkids, last seen at Thanksgiving.


Then over the intercom, an earsplitting sound

Freed the students from classrooms to which they were bound.

Away to the buses they flew in a flash,

With seniors all running to avoid parking clash.


The buses pulled out of the much-crowded lot,

Giving students the hope of the break that they sought.

A trip down to Vegas, a beach, or a bed,

Stockings of joy filled each student’s head.


They heard the bells jingle, and some “Ho ho ho!”s;

They headed for sun, they headed for snows.

Not a student could bear a single more minute,

Vacation had started, it was time to begin it.


With the bus’s short stops, so screechy and fast,

The children were home, escapees at last.

More rapid than eagles they shed their backpacks,

And they readied for travel with their soft, comfy slacks.


Now father, dressed warm with his attitude jolly

Gathered the kids to their family trolley.

The bags were packed in, though such a tight squeeze,

When he finally realized he’d forgotten his keys.


He sprang to his car, to his kin said, “Away,”

And off they all drove like they flew in a sleigh.

Then they heard him exclaim, as they listened to Drake,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good break!”