Reeling in The Hunger Games fans

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Reeling in The Hunger Games fans

Taylor Burg, Staff Writer

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Books are great, but turning them into movies is always a risk. Movies that are based off of books often get a lot of praise or a lot of criticism.

Gabby Perry ’16 likes being able to watch a movie she read as a book. “It’s fun to see it on a TV screen and see it all happen. And I like to see the differences they put into the movie and what they changed from the book” Perry said.

Elizabeth Coogan ’13 talked about one of her favorite books, The Hunger Games, that was turned into a movie. “I thought that the movie was really well done. The actors are all great. The movie also followed the chronology of the book really well, which I liked,” Coogan said.

Others believe books are almost always better. “Movies leave things out and books leave the reader with more interpretation, which I like,” Sam Ahlgrim ’16 said.

Ahlgrim also read “The Hunger Games” book and saw the movie. “In the movies, it shows you what is happening, when in the book it’s all mental. Some parts can be interpreted differently, and I personally would say the book is probably better,” Ahlgrim said.

“Catching Fire,” the second book in “The Hunger Games” trilogy, is coming out in theaters November 22, 2013.

So far, it seems that Staples students are excited to see “Catching Fire.” Julia Turner ’17 has high expectations.  “Based off my knowledge of the director of the trilogy and how the first movie came out, I believe it will be equally as good,” Turner said.

Coogan is also looking forward to seeing the movie in theaters.

“I’m really excited to see “Catching Fire.” It was my favorite book of the series because great characters were introduced, and the layout of the arena was so creative that I could never predict what would happen next,” Coogan. said.

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