Here is the skinny on skinny jeans


For some, they are fashionable and comfortable. For others, they are restricting, awkward and downright unbearable.

Staples girls constantly struggle to balance beauty and pain. Especially with skinny jeans. Nevertheless, they’re popular. One reason is their versatility. “They can be dressed up or down and are a staple piece of every wardrobe,” Olivia Jones ’15 said.

Skinny jeans are known for being an adaptable style of jeans. White skinny jeans (before Labor Day, of course) with a decorative top works for any formal event. With a comfy sweater, skinny jeans and some combat boots the look will still be cozy and classy.

For Maura Delaney, a chemistry teacher at Staples, jeans in general are the pull, since she had to wear a school uniform as a teenager. “Now I like jeans, and I think they’re comfortable,” Delaney said. “I wear them every Friday.”

The issue for some is not the jeans, but the skinny. “They are constraining and uncomfortable,”  Emma Tangle ’16 said. Just squeezing your legs into the fabric is a challenge when you’re wet or sweaty, like after gym,” Emma Finn ’16 said, describing the dilemma as “annoying.”

Even so, both Finn and Tangle said they wear skinny jeans three times a week: looks trump comfort every time.