Young trick-or-treaters parade the school


On Wednesday Oct. 30 princesses, dinosaurs and even Dorothy and Toto roamed the halls of Staples. This is not fantasy, just festive; the Staples Play School held their annual Halloween Parade, where the young children parade around the building hitting up different classrooms for tricks, but mainly treats.

Linda McClary, the playschool teacher and child development and child study teacher said that the parade has been happening “forever.”

“The high school students are responsible for a child and today in the parade they walk around with them and the big buddies dressed up in spirit for Halloween,” said McClary.

The dressed up high schoolers were all given a buddy to stay with during the parade.

“My little buddy is Anabelle, so my job was to stay with her,” senior child study student Jessica Fields ’14 said. “And to make sure she was okay because sometimes the kids get nervous around new people. The other students and I walk around with them, hold their bags, and encourage them to go show off their costumes.

The children in the play school ranged from dressing as Minnie Mouse, a dinosaur, Robin Hood, and obviously some princesses and fairies mixed in.

However, the fun didn’t stop at the kids, the rest of the school had the opportunity to help out and take part in the festivities.

McClary sent an email to the faculty about a month ago for sign ups for the parade.

“And within a minute all the spots were filled,”  said McClary. “The kids just don’t have the stamina to go to everyone though.”

Eleven teachers, ranging from English to guidance and the library participated in the parade and passed out notepads, candy, pencils and other generous Halloween treats.

“The teachers give us candy and we say “trick or treat!”” child study student Renee Reiner ’15 said. “Its so much fun and its a really nice atmosphere because the teachers are so sweet to the children.”