Mini Maker Faire Lets Your Inner Nerd Shine

Kaila Finn, Web A&E Editor


Westport Mini Maker Faire–the single day in Westport where people congregate to make  remote control airplanes in minutes, drive LEGO robots, or even make keyboards with bananas–will be on Saturday, April 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is located at Westport Public Library and the Jesup Green right next to it for free of charge.

“A lot of people say it’s geeks getting together and showing what they do,” said Mark Mathias, the founder and co-chair of the faire, through an interview with DFATV’s Stream of Conscience.

This faire was created for any type of maker around the area to show their creations and hobbies where other people can enjoy and learn about some cutting-edge techniques.

What makes this affair that much more delightful is the range of creativity seen. It’s certainly not just tinkerers and technology. There is a maker presenting art made of recycled comic books as well as Wakeman Town Farm with the science of farming.

Another perennial popular attraction is the company, Balam, showing dancers in body-suits translating choreography to light and sound on a screen.

The event has grown enough where the Minuteman Robotics Team, a robotics group made up of Staples students comes to participate.

“The [Westport Mini]Maker Faire presents a great opportunity for creative minds to share their creations with the world,” Jordan Darefsky 16’ said via Facebook.

“The Maker Faire is a great way for inventors and builders to show off their stuff to others,” Peter Sauer 16’ said via Facebook.