Teachers and Their Ties

A Typical Teachers Shirt and Tie

Chris Ramey

A Typical Teacher’s Shirt and Tie

Teachers can be very cool.Maybe not when they give out homework assignments and tests,  but they do have another side, a side some give us a sliver of every day. This is by wearing a tie that reflects their personality, whether it is funky or genius.

“I have sports ties, christmas ties, a Tasmanian devil tie that says, “this is as jolly as I can get”, Charlie Brown ties, a Coat of Arms tie, a Tom and Jerry tie, a Grinch tie, a tie with confederate flags, and every graduation, I wear my Einstein tie,” a   math teacher Mr. Kissinger said.

Even though Mr. Kissinger really doesn’t like to wear ties, he enjoys choosing ties that are unusual.

“I buy my ties online,” Kissinger said.

They are also bought at places like Brooks Brothers, Ben Silver, and Carrot and Gibbs.

Not only are ties fun, but they mean something significant to teachers.

“ I like wearing a tie to work because school, learning, and being a teacher should be taken seriously and it conveys that well,” Mr. Jones said.

Students look at a teacher differently when they wear a tie.

“Teachers who wear ties show they care about their job, and the appearance they give off to their students and co-workers,” Chris Tacopina ’13 said.

Some other students don’t seem to care.

“If a teacher wants or doesn’t want to wear a tie, then they can.  I don’t think it’s my business to think if a teacher looks too professional in a tie or if a teacher looks too laid back without one,” Rose Jarvis ’16 said.

Wearing a tie can be routine or can present a challenge.

“I remember when my fifth grade teacher wore a different tie every day of the year,” Meredith Bemus ’14 said. “ He never repeated them.”

Clearly, challenge or no challenge, they are worn all the time.“I taught at Boys’ Latin School where even kids had to wear bow ties because of the dress code,” Jones said.

Teachers aren’t the only tie afficionados at Staples though, some students like the trend so much that now they wear ties to school.

“It’s classy, and I can’t go wrong with classic blue and white pinstripes. I also feel like my swag count is maxed out,” Tacopina ’13 said.