Terrain: A Review


The inside of Terrain, the new Garden store and cafe in Westport. | Photo by Bailey Valente

Bailey Valente, Sports Editor

Let me start off with one disclaimer: I hate nature and every element of it. The buzzing of bugs, the squirming of worms, and the feel of dirt give me the heebie jeebies. Those close to me know very well to never take me on a camping trip.

However, the atmosphere at the brand new Terrain location on the Post Road had me absolutely mesmerized. To sum it up in two words, I’d describe it as a natural paradise.

I expected to see the classic rows of multi colored flowers in plastic green containers on rows of sturdy steel shelves. Sure, the outside portion resembled somewhat of my expectation, but the flowers and plants were arranged in a much more lively fashion, providing the perfect backdrop for the indoor/outdoor café and the rest of the store.

As I wandered inside to see the rest of the store, my attention was stolen by the gorgeous outside seating area that also connected to the inside seating area of the Terrain Café. On a Tuesday afternoon, customers were coming and going, grabbing a quick iced coffee and a hot sandwich to go. But on the weekends, this would be the perfect location for Sunday brunch, lunch with friends, or even dinner-a feature the café has very recently began to offer.

The inside showroom showed exactly how trendy this garden store was. The setup was not limited to plants and gardening tools, but rather displayed outdoors seating and table sets, bright pillows, books, gorgeous vases, and light fixtures. The decorating ideas spread out around the huge facility combined with the bright sunlight peaking through the glass roof and windows only increased the desire for such a scenery in my backyard.

The most interesting part of the entire store was the beauty and skin care products presented in a section in the back of the store. Here, one could find all-natural body products such as soaps and lotions by Olivina, Yarok, and Green & Spring Skin Care, and cosmetics by RMS Beauty. These products are so fresh and chemical free that the featured Dr. Alkaitis products advertise “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” In addition, there are jewelry cases filled with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with a fun, outdoorsy feel.

Terrain will bring an absolutely positive, green outlook to the Westport community. Not only does it offer a fantastic and much needed lunch spot, but it’s a great place for all outdoors furnishing necessities. As time progresses and the store stays around for longer, there is no doubt it will gain much popularity.