Fantastic Froyo: A Review

Callie Ahlgrim, Social Media Specialist

Move over, pastries and treats. It seems that as of late, frozen yogurt has been the delicious delight of choice for many students.

Ice cream, cupcakes, and cookies have been kicked to the curb, and now that Froyo World is coming soon to the Post Road, students are craving just the right frozen yogurt store. There are three major ones in the area: Top This is located downtown, and Pinkberry and 16 Handles are in Fairfield.

Amanda Beusse ‘12, a self-described froyo expert, has tested everywhere and the area and has determined that, “most of it depends on what the specific person likes.” However, there are certain factors that can help you decide. 

A careful balance of flavor, toppings, atmosphere, and location has to be considered in order to determine the perfect place for you.

So I went on an adventure to help the average student decide.

Top This is the closest store to most students, which scores it a respectable 10 in location. It’s downtown, so an easy place to grab a quick bite if you’re shopping.

It’s also great for people who enjoy the self-serve aspect of frozen yogurt. Lauren Garcia ’15 says that the freedom to choose whatever you want is her favorite part of the store. Although there are only six flavors at a time, three of them are constantly changing and almost all of them are flavorful and creamy.

The downside is that you may have to keep constantly checking back in order to luck out with your favorite (mine is Red Velvet).  Because of this, the flavors score a 7. The classic toppings, such as cookie dough, chocolate chips, and plentiful fruit also pick up a 7.

It’s Fairfield counterpart, 16 Handles, is also self-serve. However the atmosphere scores an 8 as opposed to Top This’ score of 6. The colorful lights add a thrilling feel to the store, which compensates for its unfortunate lack of tables. In addition, it’s cheaper than Top This by seven cents per ounce.

Still, the best part of 16 Handles is undoubtedly the abundance of flavors- 16 to be precise. These range from Raspberry Tart to Snickerdoodle, the handle of the month. I’ve not yet had one I didn’t enjoy. In addition, the many fresh and delicious toppings are always a delight. Both of these factors scored deserved 10s.

Last, but certainly not least, is the ever-favorite Pinkberry. Its popularity is undeniable; sometimes the line stretches out the door. And if self-serve isn’t your thing, this is definitely the place to go. The excellent customer service and nice seating area give it an 8 for atmosphere.

The flavors at Pinkberry, like Top This, are constantly rotating. However Gabriella Rizack ’13 says that she prefers Pinkberry because the original flavor, Tart, is “lighter and fresher” than the Tart at other froyo shops. In addition, it’s the only place that offers her favorite topping, Milk Chocolate Crunch 

Pinkberry offers a wide range of flavors, from rich Salted Caramel to summery Mango.  These flavors boast a score of 9, while the original toppings achieve an 8. However, it is the most expensive out of the three, as well as adding extra expenses for some of the more popular toppings. 

Both Pinkberry and 16 Handles have 7s for location, since both are a bit of drive away. However, the charm of downtown Fairfield definitely scores them some points back.

In order, the scores stand at 7.5 for Top This, 8 for Pinkberry, and a victorious 8.75 for 16 Handles. I’m willing to suck up the commute for a heaping serving of excellent frozen yogurt.

Everyone should feel free to go around and test them all out for his or herself; after all, everyone’s favorite may be different. And I think it’s safe to say that once Froyo World opens, it will be flooded with yogurt lovers from all over.

As a relatively healthy and delectable treat, frozen yogurt is here for the long run. So grab a spoon and make some rounds. Find out which place is perfect for you.