Pretty Little Liars: It’s Back, and Better than Ever

It’s interesting to see how a television show could take the topic of a stalker mystery and make it into something other than a been-done police and detective investigation series.

However, ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” takes the idea of a group of high school small-town girls incessantly being stalked by both their past and an unknown figure out to get them, and produces a successfully enthralling romantic thriller.

Back for the second half of season two on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m., this season will give viewers answers to the inevitable questions about Allison’s death and who “A” actually is.

The premiere began with confusion, as it seems that the relationships between Hannah, Aria, Emily, and Spencer have weakened, and tension is high. It even reaches the point where Spencer and Emily have a full-on cat fight during the community service hours that obviously Spencer’s lawyer parents worked their persuading skills to provide.

Who knew that being caught with a murder weapon would still permit someone’s life to be close to normal?

But, of course this is only an act. The girls have actually designed a plan to outsmart the enemy by making it seem like they are beginning to split apart. Emily is used as the bait, and she makes a deal with A to meet and show her the “evidence” the little liars have said they found.

These girls find that teasing A might not be the best idea after all-but it does, somehow, result in a gigantic reward that will definitely contribute to the hunt for A’s identity.

The winter season seems promisingly entertaining, intriguing, and revealing-three very good traits for those viewers with no greater frustration than the mystery of A. After all, how long could the pretty little lies of Rosewood stay secret?