Review of Staples Players' Production "Curtains"

Review of Staples Players' Production "Curtains"

The Staples Players’ latest production, “Curtains,” hit the stage the weekend of Nov. 12. The musical comedy and murder mystery is about the cast of a show as they deal with the murder of their leading lady. An investigation ensues as they try to discover the murderer.

Curtains Graphic | Photo from Staples Players Website

I must admit that I have not been a fan of the Staples Players’ most recent musicals; therefore, I was somewhat unsure about what my reaction to “Curtains” would be. I am happy to share that my reaction is positive. The cast was coordinated, energized, and generally just fun to watch. I think the secret might be the relative obscurity of the show. “Curtains” isn’t as familiar to the public as the Player’s past productions of “Guys and Dolls,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” and “Rent.” Because of this, I was far less critical of the fact that the teenagers aren’t Nathan Lane or Rick Moranis.

With his charming timidity mixed with a charismatic and commanding air, Max Samuels’11, in the leading role of Lt. Frank Cioffi, the detective, easily made the show. Samuels brought together the entire cast with his seemingly effortless singing and acting.

Eva Hendricks’11, playing the producer of the show, Carmen Bernstein, also performed admirably with a role perfectly suited to her impressively bold and booming voice. Matthew Van Gessel’11, playing the director, Christopher Belling, proved to have a somewhat addicting-to-listen-to imitation of an English accent, perfect for long recitations from Shakespeare.

To use a phrase from the show, “it’s catchier than pink eye,” the music was decidedly fun. The actors never lost the energy they began with in the animated western-themed opening number and therefore always kept the audience interested.