Staples Players Presents "Curtains"

Curtains (musical)
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Staples Players will perform the whodunit comedy murder musical “Curtains” as their fall production on Nov. 12-14 and 19-20.

Set in Boston during the late 1950s, “Curtains” tells what happens after the overwhelmingly untalented leading lady of a play is murdered during her opening night curtain call. Although everyone is pleased when she is killed, the entire show’s company becomes suspects in the homicide, setting the stage for a parodic, humorous musical.

“I think the show will be a huge crowd pleaser and that the Staples students will love it,” said David Roth, the director of Staples Players. “It is incredibly fun, and has terrific music.”

Since the original 2007 Broadway production of “Curtains” was nominated for more than eight Tony Awards, it will be a tasking show for the Players to put on. But so far, rehearsals seem to be going successfully.

“Rehearsals are going great largely due to our terrific cast,” Roth said. “This is one of the most fun rehearsal processes we have ever had because of the material and how much fun the cast is having.”

Many also think “Curtains” will be successful not only for its casting, but also because of the show’s complexity and creativity.

“The show has a vast range of characters and talent. I think the show will be tremendously successful,” Matt Van Gessel ’11 said.

Van Gessel will play Christopher Belling, the flamboyant and sarcastic director of “Robbin’ Hood of the Old West,” the show within the show.

Tyler Jent ’13 agrees that the show will be successful, largely due to its theatricality.

“It has huge, incredible dance numbers, great music, and awesome, larger than life characters. It’s going to be great,” said Jent, who will play Aaron Fox, a member of the songwriting team for “Robbin’ Hood.”

Eva Hendricks ’11 plays Carmen Bernstein, the show’s hard-bitten producer. Michelle Pauker ’13 and Allison Manning ’11 play Georgia Hendricks, Aaron Fox’s ex-wife. Bambi Berne, an irritatingly self–centered dancer in the show, is played by Jamie Yarmoff ’12. Glenn Leo ’11 plays Daryl Grady, the theater critic who writes a terrible review of the play.

The technical staff for Players is excited for the show as well.

“The sets are great, and we have a professional lighting designer working with us to make sure that the lights are amazing as well,” said Alec Wrubel ’13, senior manager of the Players lighting crew. “We have an amazing group of people working on this show, and it will definitely be worth seeing.”

Although some shows put on by Players can be for a more mature audience, Van Gessel said that “Curtains” is great for all ages.

Max Samuels ’11, the president of Staples Players, who will play the male lead, Lt. Frank Cioffi, thinks everyone will enjoy the show.

“My guess is that this type of show, both a murder mystery and a musical comedy, has something in it for everyone,” Samuels said.