MTC Sets Musical Foundation for Staples Players and Beyond

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Meghan Prior ’11

Photo Editor

The Music Theatre of Connecticut has been a foundation for hundreds of past and present actors, singers, and dancers from Staples and all over Fairfield County.

Walk into any Players rehearsal and there will be a handful of students who used to participate in one of MTC’s unique productions, acting classes, or voice lessons. Even now, Staples students participate in some of the teenage-geared programs offered at this conservatory.

“It was more than just a show—it was a family,” Michelle Pauker ’13 said. Pauker has been attending MTC since she was in the 4th grade.

Participants, past and present, believe that the environment created at the Music Theatre of Connecticut is a positive and well-equipped one.

“The directors aren’t scary or intimidating; they are very approachable,” Pauker said.

Although time has passed since Pauker’s last appearance in one of MTC’s shows at age 13, she still relies on them to help with her vocal training.

Pauker’s experience is not rare; most MTC students “graduate” from MTC and move onto the Players stage.  However, some students, like Pauker, are still happy with MTC’s programs even as they grow up.

Grace McDavid ’13 has been taking voice lessons at MTC for two years. McDavid believes that “MTC’s shows tend to be geared towards younger kids.”

While the shows tend towards younger kids, McDavid said that there are still programs appealing to teenagers.

“I know for a fact that there are a lot of serious high schoolers who are in the college-bound program, dance classes, acting classes and voice lessons there,” McDavid said.

Staples Players is one of the many well-known extracurriculars in the Staples High School community. While it is known that there are many places for the football players to work on their skills—fitness center, health clubs, sports groups—there are few places for the budding Player to work on his or her talent. However, MTC has been providing a positive outlet for passionate Players-in-training.

Sydney Robinson ’14 has MTC to thank for her development into the theatre community since she was nine years old. “[MTC] has helped prepare me for my auditions throughout middle school and into Players.”

Although it is true that MTC’s name may not be heard as often at Staples as it is around the elementary and middle schools, there are still students that will look to MTC for help with their passion for theatre. For those still wondering what MTC is all about, there is a good selection of programs to play a part in year-round.

Meghan Prior ’11

Photo Editor

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