Weezer Gets Lost With “Hurley”

Album Cover Copyright (c) 2010 Epitaph Records.

Although the first three and a half songs on the new Weezer album “Hurley,” made me think this would be a positive review, when I heard the second half of “Unspoken,” which was just ugly, ugly noise, and then “Where’s My Sex?,” I could no longer write this how I hoped I’d be able to.

Before I review the album, which had the weirdest album artwork of anything I’ve seen in a long time, I want to talk about the song “Where’s My Sex?.” That might have been the worst attempt at a “laugh song” ever.

Weezer’s albums usually have one or two “laugh songs” (2008’s Red Album had “Pork and Beans”) and most of the time, they’re actually funny because the music is really good, the lyrics make them hilarious. This one wasn’t remotely funny, and it wasn’t even a decent song!

In the song, Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of the band, likes to draw the phonetic comparison between “sex” and “socks” when he says he can’t go without his sex because it’s cold outside and his toes get wet.


Look at yourself, Mr. Cuomo.

Aside from that song, the album isn’t actually that bad.

“Memories” is about 90s-era Weezer and really makes me want to go back to old times because the music was so much better than what they produce today. “Beverly Hills” was my favorite song the year it came out, and I loved Weezer, now I can’t listen to them for more than a full song.

Nonetheless, the album mostly implements the same old style. You might find a couple tracks that are different, but the majority is quintessential Weezer power-pop.

You can expect to see “Ruling Me” topping the charts in coming weeks. It has a lot of pop value.

And don’t be surprised if your friends that love Weezer are listening to “Memories” on repeat for six hours.

Also, look for all the hipsters to absolutely love “Unspoken” and “Trainwrecks.”

Probably the best track on the album is one of the bonus tracks, called “I Want to Be Something.” Cuomo wants to make sure that he’s done something good in his career, or at least has tried. You can tell as a listener that Rivers wrote this spontaneously, but it’s actually the most genuine song he’s written in a while.

Rivers has done so much for music, particularly his genre. I really just hope that he can come out with a few more solid albums in coming years.

Grade: C