What’s On: Fall TV Premieres

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I was extremely worried for television this fall. 24 called it quits last year, Lost, my favorite show, ended after six incredible seasons. Steve Carell announced that this would be his last season on The Office as foolish boss Michael Scott. Parks and Recreation, last year’s surprise hit, was greenlit for a third season but held back by NBC as a mid-season replacement.

There are some silver linings though. 30 Rock, starring Tina Fey, returned just as funny as ever. The Office started with a bang, performing an office-wide ‘lip dub’ to “Nobody But Me” by The Human Beinz. Many new shows debuted this week, including Outsourced, The Event, and a remake of Hawaii Five-O. But is watching them on Hulu this weekend worth your time? Read on to find out.

30 Rock, Thurs 8:30/7:30c on NBC

I’ll be honest; I’ve never seen a bad episode of 30 Rock. While other series may dip in hilarity (*cough* The Office, season six), 30 has managed to stay funny for the four years that it’s been on the air, mainly because the jokes are current and hilarious (i.e. Princess Leia on jury duty). The antics in this week’s season five premiere included Jenna firing an elderly woman, Liz Lemon consoling her on-again-off-again pilot boyfriend Carol, and Tracy Jordan seeing visions of ex-pageboy Kenneth. Hilarity ensues.

The Office, Thurs 9/8c on NBC

In my opinion, season six of The Office was a low point. The storyline was boring, the writers were introducing too many new characters and Michael Scott was getting on my nerves (more than usual). This season, which happens to be Steve Carell’s last, began on a high note with an episode about Michael hiring and spanking his 20 year-old nephew and Pam getting stuck with Dwight in the elevator. This is bound to be a memorable season.

Outsourced, Thurs 9:30/8:30c on NBC

The least funny addition to NBC’s Thursday lineup, Outsourced, follows the trials of Todd Dempsey, a Kansas City worker who is sent to Mumbai, India to manage the call center for a novelty toy company. Todd’s goal is to educate his new employees on American culture, which isn’t easy. Some of the jokes seem a little cheap, including one about a mistletoe belt buckle, but I think that this show could get better with time. My opinion: watch this if you have nothing else to do or have ever experienced call center confusion.

Hawaii Five-O, Mon 10/9c on CBS

My parents grew up loving this show, so it’s easy to imagine why CBS decided to do a remake. It can appeal to an older crowd while still making an interesting cop show for a younger generation. The show keeps the famous old theme song and many of the same characters while adding a new storyline and new actors. I wasn’t thrilled by the premiere though. I ended up going to bed halfway through it. To be honest, fast-paced police dramas are not my cup of tea. My parents, on the other hand, enjoyed it, although they called it, “disjointed”. If you’re into 24-type dramas, watch this.

The Event, Mon 9/8c on NBC

NBC has been calling their newest drama “the next Lost” for weeks now, and as an avid Lost fan, I can attest to this. While not as interesting as Lost, The Event does manage to do trippy things with time and involves a plane disappearing. The best part of the premiere was Blair Underwood, who plays the president. A surprise that is sure to gain more fans. If you liked Lost, you’ll like The Event.

There’s bound to be a lot of good TV this fall, and you’re bound to have a lot of homework, which is why it’s important to watch only the best shows on television. Have fun channel surfing!