Acting Out: The Science of One Acts


Photo By Madeline Hardy '11

December 17, 2009: Three weeks before the show

Actor Madeline Seidman’13As most shows progress rehearsal time becomes more and more imperative to an actor. For Madeline Seidman ‘13 rehearsal after school two weeks before the first showing of the DMV Tyrant consists of running through the show over and over until it is perfect in eyes of student director Peter Molesworth ’11. Molesworth changes her body movements and her voice inflection to match his vision. A run through of the show as is, is given to Head Director David Roth a few days later. Here he will give thoughts and critiques so that Seidman can later fix her actions. Costumes are brought from home and left at school until the day of the show so that they can be used at rehearsals.  As the New Year approaches, Seidman will not meet with Molesworth and co-actor Caley Beretta ’10 till after the winter break.

Director Greg Langstine ’11As a first time director, Greg Langstine ’11, wants his debut, “The Audition”, to be nothing short of perfection. Three weeks before the show is set to open, rehearsal takes place at his house. He sets up his living room to mirror what the set in the Black Box Theater will look like, a set of his own design. He moves his couch and tells his actors to pretend the coffee table is a bookcase. Actors, Lauren Weinberger and Tyler Jent, ’13, run through the show once while Langstine observes and rhythmically taps his pen against his mouth in deep thought. He gives them feedback including critiques about hand gestures, vocal inflection and motive of their characters’ actions that will effect how they deliver lines. They start the show from the top. This process repeats over and over for about an hour and a half until Langstine is satisfied and dismisses them.

Run Crew Kate Blackburn ’11Almost threeweeks before opening night, Katie Blackburn ’11 and a few other members of tech crew look for a book shelf they could use in the prop room. After being unsuccessful, they decide to build their own, under the supervision of Josh Tucker ’10, head carpenter.

Kate Blackburn '11 | Photo By Madeline Hardy '11
Greg Langstine '11 | Photo By Eric Essagof ’12
Madeline Siedman '13 | Photo by Madeline Hardy