Lexi’s Holiday Wishlist



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Lexi Preiser ’10
Web Editor-in-Chief

Perhaps it’s my more organized side shining through, but I am a compulsive list maker. Lists of errands to complete, things to buy, and homework to do litter the pages of my notebooks. Thus, as the holiday season rolls around, what better list to make than my holiday wishlist? Here are some of the things I am hoping to receive this upcoming December. Maybe you’ll want to get something on here also!


1. Ray Ban sunglasses

I lose sunglasses like I lose pencils. Although this is not an admirable trait, perhaps if my parents are willing to invest in pricier pair of shades I will take better care of them. These casual aviators are perfect for the beach, driving, or just walking around. I love the fake tortoise color also!


2. Subscription to “The New Yorker”

Ah, just as Christmas approaches so too does New Years. With that, one of my New Year’s resolutions: read more. While I have always been an avid reader, I tend to head in the directions of novels. “The New Yorker” is the perfect combination of nonfiction commentary on everyday issues and entertaining fiction such as short stories.  Plus, how adorable are the illustrated covers? I’m sure that my parents (or whomever is feeling generous in my general direction) wouldn’t mind shelling out $30 for my educational and literary needs!


3. Dunkin’ Donuts Gift card

Was anyone else as disappointed as I was that last year’s budget cuts did not include pushing back Staples’ start time to 8:00? However, seeing as how I still have to reluctantly haul myself out of bed every morning at 6:30, I deem it necessary to make a quick Dunkin’ Donuts run on my way to school every morning. If there are any coffee drinkers out there, I’m sure you understand how quickly a $2.50 large french vanilla coffee every day can add up to some big bucks. So, a gift card would be an excellent present this holiday season


4. Nikon D40 Camera

Everybody gets one unrealistic request on her wishlist, right? This year, mine is the $500 Nikin D40 digital camera. As a blossoming (erm, experimenting) photojournalist, I think that I need a professional, expensive camera with which I can practice my photography skills. Plus, my older sister bought herself one of these babies and her photos already look like she’s been practicing for years–and trust me, she hasn’t been.


5. College Acceptance

Of course, the best present of all would be a college acceptance letter. While this is entirely unrealistic (regular decisions aren’t posted until April 1), it would be heavenly to get an acceptance letter in the mail before New Years. Perhaps any of you admissions officers out there wouldn’t mind breaking a few rules for me and letting me in a few months early? Great, thanks.